All of us here at O & M Enterprises are very proud of the many years of success we have enjoyed, but we cannot take soul credit for all of our accomplishments. We believe very strongly in concepts such as community and teamwork, and we practice those concepts every day as we approach our responsibilities to our customer/partners, and those sometimes challenging tasks that present themselves. In doing so we have built a network of many resources, companies, and organizations whom we have called upon for assistance and who have helped us in our success. We carry this network of professionals with us everywhere we go and would like to share them with you.




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O & M Enterprises, Inc. is a full service water and wastewater contractor that specializes in the management and operation of water and wastewater utilities. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to insure our communities have uninterrupted utility services. We are highly regarded for integrity and balanced dedication to the customer and our natural environment.