In September 1985, O & M Enterprise, Inc. was established to address the many challenges facing public drinking water and wastewater utilities serving small communities in rural Missouri. Aging infrastructures, sophisticated technologies, and increasing regulatory demands are just some of the issues that are driving utility costs up in these areas of limited financial resources. With our highly skilled, professional staff of drinking water and wastewater treatment experts we are able to meet these challenges with accuracy and professionalism at affordable rates to the customer.

Increasing regulations and costs are creating many concerns in rural America, not only for the small communities but for the rural homeowner as well. The demand for proper drinking water well management and more advanced septic and onsite sewage treatment systems are making it more difficult to own and maintain the farm home or country estate. Our team of professional plumbers, excavators, and onsite system specialists can relieve the rural homeowner of many of these burdensome responsibilities.


O & M Enterprises, Inc. is a full service water and wastewater contractor that specializes in the management and operation of water and wastewater utilities. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to insure our communities have uninterrupted utility services. We are highly regarded for integrity and balanced dedication to the customer and our natural environment.